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今はなき日本の家族像に触れる一冊。『思い出トランプ』📚by 向田邦子

『思い出トランプ』by 向田邦子




“A Deck of Memories” by Kuniko Mukoda

I reread short stories of Kuniko Mukoda. I last read her stories when I was at college. I was fascinated by her style and the intricate interactions between a man and a woman, especially in one representative short story of hers entitled “Mr. Carp”. She was awarded with the Naoki Prize, which is one of the most prestigious Japanese literary awards, for this work. It is said that Mukoda cherished the images which names of things, animals, and people evoke. Sometimes subtle differences could lead to something substantial.

By the way, the Japanese title of the story I’m going to use in the next class is “Funa”, which is a crucian or a gibel. Would it be appropriate for Funa to be translated into a carp? The images they each conjure up are quite different. This story is intriguing in terms of translation as well.

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