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それでも春は来る 解題

Even in the most sordid street the coming of spring will register itself by some sign or other, if it is only a brighter blue between the chimney pots or the vivid green of an elder sprouting on a blitzed site. (Some Thoughts on the Common Toad , 1946)



在宅勤務が続く中で、朝コーヒーを買いに出かける。そこで青い空と桜のコントラストに 目を奪われた。桜は精一杯満開になり、すでに散り始めている。思わずマスクを取り、春 の清々しい空気に触れる。春は来るのだ。オーウェルの時代のロンドン大空襲の後ですら 春が訪れたように。

These days, I am required to work from home. This morning, I went to the usual coffee shop to grab a cup of coffee. On my way there, I was taken aback by the beauty of the contrast between the blue sky and cherry blossom trees. Some of the trees were in full bloom and others had already started dropping their petals. Then, I felt like taking off my mask and did so, touching the crisp spring air. Spring would come. Just like it came even after the Blitz in London back in the 1940s.


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