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ナポリに提げていきたい一冊。『須賀敦子全集第1巻』📚by 須賀敦子











“Complete Works of Atsuko Suga Vol. 1” Atsuko Suga

Intelligence emanates from writing of Atsuko Suga and I feel fulfilled both emotionally and intellectually whenever I read her work. I was first introduced her essays by one of my friends. She told me that “To the Cathedral” by Suga would literally move me. It did. This book is the first volume of her complete works. It is filled with Suga’s charms. Here, I would like to touch upon one essay entitled “See Naples and die”. Naples is an important place for her in that it is closely related to her father. The essay starts with a post card she received from her father who happened to be in Naples when she was 7. One of the lines of the post card alludes to the famous saying that “See Naples and die”. She, later in her life, was going to teach at a university in Naples and stay there for half a year.

She totally falls in love with Naples like her father did. She writes,

“We have to accept this town as a whole. If you are stuck by one of the unpleasant details, you will never be able to be friends with this town. First, you accept the whole town, and you just observe it as it is, not hurrying, then it will give you some unexpected gift.”

I will visit Naples with Suga’s book in my pocket some day.

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