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ヨーロッパ移住を目標に掲げて夫婦共に6年勤めた組織、会社を退社。それが2020年3月。まさかのコロナで、その計画は頓挫。その後台湾へ移住し、早2年。中華圏で2年間生活できたことは今後の大きなプラスとなった。台湾と日本、同じような考え方をしていると思い込んでいたが、違いも多くあることを認識。非常に勉強になった。 色々悩んだ末、当初の目標であった渡欧を実現することに決めた。先ほどベルリンに到着したばかり。実を言うと期待よりも不安の方が大きいが、最善を尽くしたい。哲学、音楽、文学と、ドイツはやはり特別な国だ。まずは土台のドイツ語から。難解な言語と聞くが、楽しみながら、新しい語学習得に励みたい。 もしドイツにいらっしゃることがあれば、是非お声掛けください!


The next chapter of our life: Berlin! (we’ve just arrived here) Before Covid, my wife and I had planned to come to Europe and work there, which was unfortunately thwarted. Instead, we were blessed with a great opportunity to live and work in Taiwan. What we experienced in Taiwan was precious in many ways and it’s going to be a huge plus for us in the future. Having said that, our original plan to go to Europe and work there has always been in the corner of our mind. We’ve decided to give it a try this year. I always hear that Berlin is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, with its distinctive vibes. I have so many things I want to do in Germany. To name a few, 1. Teaching Japanese literature discussion classes face-to-face! 2. Teaching English and Japanese 3. Meeting with people I’ve got connected with through Instagram Having lived in London and Paris myself, the Berlin experience will definitely deepen my understanding of Europe. Especially, since Berlin is the city of art with so many cultural activities going on daily, I’m convinced that I can enjoy the life here. Needless to say, living and working here in Berlin is going to be a new and big challenge for both of us. Still, we would like to get out of our comfort zones and expose ourselves to something new. One of the first demanding hurdles is going to be the language of German, which I’ve always wanted to learn seriously. Looking forward to learning a new language and its rich culture behind it! If you’re in Europe and can have a cup of coffee with me, do contact me! Looking forward to seeing you in person!

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