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何気ないことの重要性に気づかされる一冊。『とかげ』📚by 吉本ばなな

吉本ばなな 『とかげ』








“Lizard” Banana Yoshimoto

I read Yoshimoto Banana yesterday for the first time in years. I read “Kitchen” a long time ago, but lately my focus has been rather on her father, a great philosopher Takaaki Yoshimoto.

Yoshimoto is usually introduced as a writer representing Japanese contemporary scenes together with Murakami. Reading her work, I was again impressed with her virtuosity of depicting ordinary scenes in such a beautiful way and capturing multiple layers of emotions. I have decided to use one short story out of this book entitled “Dreaming of Kimchee” in the first class of my next term.

Kimchee eliminates all the opaque things and impenetrable membranes. Kimchee becomes an ice pack and alleviates the fever and pain the protagonist is suffering from. Kimchee is not vague, full of color, taste and smell. What does Kimchee represent?

Kimchee reminds me of several things: restless and yet exciting feelings sitting in a taxi driving at 120 km/h at midnight in Havana; penetrating a straw into a plastic cup of spicy Shichuan dish of Tofu in the early morning in Dalian in temperatures of minus 20 degrees Celsius; listening to Dylan’s Hurricane.

It might sound banal, but Asashi Super Dry is my Kimchee.

What is your Kimchee?

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