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日本と西洋の美意識の相違を考える一冊。『陰翳礼賛』📖by 谷崎潤一郎

『陰翳礼賛』 谷崎潤一郎







という一節で終わる。電燈を消してみたところで、日本的なものがほとんどない自分の部屋に気づき悲しくなるが、気を取り直し、せめて提灯式の明かりを灯すことにし、たまたま金曜ロードショーで放送されていた「Back to the Future」を観る。






“In Praise of Shadows” by Junichiro Tanizaki

As we are going to read and discuss “Aguri” by Tanizaki in the next class, I read another essay of his entitled “In Praise of Shadows”. I’ve heard before that this essay is avidly read among architects or aspiring architects in foreign countries.

Having read it, I now understand why it is very popular in foreign countries. I myself have been enlightened by his essay on the difference of aesthetics of Japan and that of the West. In Japan, people tend to be drawn to the shadows of things which range from Japanese architecture to food, make-up, Noh plays, the color of skin, and the lights. We can find something beautiful all the more for the shadows it contains inherently. His perspectives are distinctive and intriguing.

Born in 1886, when Japan westernized itself exponentially, Tanizaki must have embraced ambivalent feelings towards the Westernization and the West. He observes the unique Japanese beauty of the shades fading in front the glittering beauty of the West.

As the final sentence of the essay suggests, I tried to turn off all the lights so that I could see the shadows. It turned out that I had almost nothing Japanese around me and felt sad.

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