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生きていくためには仕方がない(Confessions of a Book Reviewer)

He is pouring his immortal spirit down the drain, half a pint at a time. (Confessions of a Book Reviewer,1946)


キーワードはimmortal spirit、そしてイギリスではとても重要な単語、pintです。


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Ours was the one-eyed pacifism that is peculiar to sheltered countries with strong navies. (My Country Right or Left, 1940) 1940年という年はイギリスにとって特別な年だ。ドイツの空爆(The Blitz)が始まった年であり、チャーチルがチェンバレンに代わって首相になった年で


Here are a couple of generalizations about England that would be accepted by almost all observers. One is that the English are not gifted artistically. (The Lion and the Unicorn, 1940) ほぼ全ての観察者に受け入れられ


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