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親子について考える一冊。『街場の親子論』📚by 内田樹、内田るん










Tatsuru Uchida / Run Uchida “Machibano-Oyakoron”

This book is a collection of letters between a prominent thinker Tatsuru Uchida and his daughter Run Uchida.

In this book, the relationship between the father and the daughter is beautifully depicted. Needless to say, they are irreplaceable and unique beings to each other. However, at the same time, they face each other as an individual. There is some kind of a distance between the two, but it is just appropriate. I could clearly see various miscommunications which had occurred over the years in their exchange, but I realized those kinds of misunderstandings were even necessary to reach where they are now. What was obvious was that the father’s affection towards his daughter was exuberant and vice versa.

Tatsuru Uchida is one of the most distinguished thinkers in Japan. This book shows other facets of his being caring and devoted as a good father and of his being fragile as a human being. I have also become very much interested in Run Uchida, who is a poet and feminist. This book is worth a read.


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