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人生相談を通じて哲学に触れる一冊。『哲学の先生と人生の話をしよう』📖 by 國分功一郎






途中で読みかけになっている『中動態の世界』をもう1回読み直そう。小林秀雄賞の受賞スピーチで國分氏がエピソードとして挙げたデリダの印象的な一節を紹介する。何故死というものを哲学の観点から捉えるのかという学生の少し尖った質問に、哲学界の巨匠デリダはこう答える。”Parce que J’aime la philosophie!” (だって私は哲学が好きなんだ!)この気持ちを國分氏も共有するという。一度講義を拝聴したい学者である。


Koichiro Kokubun "Let's talk about life with a professor of philosophy"

This is a life counseling book in which readers consult a young philosopher Koichiro Kokubun on pressing issues of life such as the relationships, family, and work. First of all, I was impressed with the way Mr. Kokubun reads the texts written by general readers. He does text analysis as if he were reading classics of the giants of philosophy. He argues that despite their texts lacking the elaborate logics, there should be something consistent, like a pattern, arising from them. It is essential for counselors to grasp that. He writes, “What human beings think about and feel about are not exempt from patterns”. I have never thought that way.

Another eye-opener for me was that the most important element is usually not written. What matters is to try to identify the essential by reading between the lines. Mr. Kokubun deciphers the texts as if he were a competent detective. Reading this book made me realize that close reading of the texts, whether they are literature, works of philosophers, or those of the general public, does get the unhidden and thus most indispensable messages across.

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