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"Discovering more about the author's life and hearing many interesting interpretations from the other participants and the instructor. The lesson was perfectly structured and really interesting. I was completely captured and it gave me really a lot of inspiration to continue pursuing my study of Japanese literature".


"The session was conducted very professionally, everything was on time and discussions were light and meaningful. Everyone had the fair chance to share their views about the story and the questions. We got to know lot more about japanese culture"

"I really liked that we discussed not only the story but the writer’s biography and social impact of that on her work. Thank you so much for such an interesting discussion. I’ve learned a lot and hopefully will be able to stuck with with you for the next month :) "

"It was nice to hear various views on the novel by the participants. Now I have become more interested in the novel"

"The lesson was very well structured from the beginning to the end"



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