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Discovering Japanese Literature in English

I’ve been an instructor of online classes entitled “Discovering Japanese Literature in English”. I’m happy to announce that a new term is starting in 10 days’ time. One term consists of 5 classes in total. You can take the course from two classes.

In each class which is held once a week, we read and discuss one short story written by Japanese authors. The classes are conducted entirely in English and are discussion based. One part of my class is the author introduction (by me) so that you can learn a bit about the author’s life and historical backgrounds where the story was written. The following are the writers we are going to read and discuss in the next term.

📚Saturday Course Shusaku Endo Fumiko Enchi Masahiko Shimada Takeshi Kaiko Soseki Natsume

📚Sunday Course Yasushi Inoue Yuko Tsushima Kenzaburo Oe Nobuo Kojima Osamu Dazai *For details, please go to the link. Benefits are… 1. You could get some cultural references from the Japanese instructor In the previous terms, we talked about hidden Christians, Sakura, Shinto, Meiji & Taisho Democracy, the class system of the Edo period, etc. Understanding some of the historical backgrounds and cultural notions would lead to appreciating the works much more. 2. You can read works of the most representative Japanese writers I’ve been using the Oxford book which includes 36 short stories written by 36 well-known Japanese authors. If you have finished this book, you could say that you’ve read most of the main Japanese writers! 3. You could meet people from all over the world and all walks of life One of the advantages of participating in these classes is that you would be able to be exposed to different and unique perspectives which you would never be able to otherwise. I myself always learn a lot from each participant’s intriguing comments and viewpoints. The following is the list of the countries where the participants come from so far. India, Russia, the Philippines, America, the U.K, Italy, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Australia, Japan (Thank you all very much!) If you are interested, please register for my classes on this website. I look forward to seeing you in class!

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