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Japanese Literature Discussion Classes with “Granta 127”!

Japanese Literature Discussion Classes with “Granta 127”!

I’m happy to announce that my Japanese literature discussion classes start from October 23 (in 2 weeks)! From the second session of this term, I’ll be moving on to a new book: “Granta 127”. Granta is a well-known literary magazine dedicated to new writings in the world. This 127 edition features Japan! You can find many Japanese contemporary authors such as Sayaka Murata, Hiromi Kawakami, and Tomoyuki Hoshino.

Lineup for this term:

1. 10/23 (Sun) Yoshiki Hayama “Letter Found in a Cement-Barrel & The Prostitute” (Tuttle)

2. 10/30 (Sun) Sayaka Murata “A Clean Marriage”

3. 11/6 (Sun) Toshiki Okada “Breakfast”

4. 11/13 (Sun) David Mitchell “Variations on a Theme by Mister Donut”

5. 11/20 (Sun) Kyoko Nakajima “Things Remembered and Things Forgotten”

What is unique about this book is in addition to those Japanese writers, work on Japan by foreign authors are also available: Ruth Ozeki, David Mitchell, and Pico Iyer. We’ve mainly read and discussed short stories written by Japanese authors in my classes, but it’s a bit different taste this time around. I believe this term is going to be even more interesting! I am very much looking forward to it.

If you haven’t participated in my classes yet, you could attend one class for free!

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