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“The Book of Tokyo” Edited by Michael Emmerich, Jim Hinks & Masashi Matsuie

I’m happy to announce that the new term is going to start with a new book! I’m going to use “The Book of Tokyo” published by Comma Press (2015). This series is unique in that readers can be exposed to various faces of Tokyo through 10 stories of contemporary Japanese literature. I’ve so far mainly used the anthologies focusing on modern Japanese literature, so it’s going to be a little bit of change this time. Some of the authors we’re going to discuss using this book will be the ones whose works I’ve never used in my sessions: Hideo Furukawa, Nao-cola Yamazaki, and Hitomi Kanehara (and more!).

If you want to know what Tokyo is like through contemporary literature, or simply want to be introduced to new authors, do join us! The schedule for the next term is as follows. Oct. 15 Hideo Furukawa "Model T Frankenstein" Oct. 22 Mitsuyo Kakuta "A House for Two" Oct. 29 Banana Yoshimoto "Mummy" Nov. 5 Toshiyuki Horie "The Owl's Estate" Nov. 12 Nao-cola Yamazaki "Dad, I Love You" I’m looking forward to discovering new authors and stories with you. If you’re interested in my classes, check my website out!

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